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Step In AHOY THERE! Dog Harness
Step In AHOY THERE! Dog Harness
Step In AHOY THERE! Dog Harness

Step In AHOY THERE! Dog Harness

FuzzYard harnesses are the most flexible on the market. They are made with soft fabrics that adapt perfectly to the body of the dog and cat so that they feel total freedom of movement. They do not cause chafing or cut hair due to the softness and moldability of their fabrics.

This type of harness is placed on the legs and can be easily adjusted thanks to the Velcro strips and the click closure. Compared to regular FuzzYard harnesses, the step in harness has fewer inches to fit. The contour of the neck is very similar to that of the chest, for this reason the step in harness is better suited to dogs with a straight physiognomy.

The external part is made with very fine threads to achieve the precise definition of the exclusive and original print from the FuzzYard designers. It has a reflective strip on each side of the front that reflects when light hits it. The internal part has double breathable mesh for good ventilation on the hottest days. It also dries quickly.

All fabric joints are carefully sewn so that the finishes of the harness are of superior quality and aesthetically more beautiful. The rings are made of stainless steel without welding to prevent them from rusting and damaging the dog's hair and the harness. The logo is made of elastic rubber.

100% polyester. Stainless steel rings. Strong plastic closures.

Check the size guide by clicking on the 'Size Chart' button in this product description. You can also check the sizes in the General Size Guide.

Wash with like colors. Wash inside out. Do not iron.