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Poop Bag FIESTA Strap Bag Dispenser

Poop Bag FIESTA Strap Bag Dispenser

Keep your dog's poop bags hidden in this fun bag dispenser. It is very quick to attach to the strap thanks to its 2 Velcro strips, in addition, it is very easy to pull the bags through the top opening. You also have space to carry your keys inside and 2 rolls of spare bags so you never run out.

Includes 2 gift bags inside, that's 30 bags.
Easy to take out the bags 1 by 1 through the top opening.
Attaches to strap easily with the velcro loops.
Big enough to also carry your keys inside.
It can be washed in the washing machine.
Fits most standard bag rolls.

Polyester with zipper.

10cm x 9cm x 4.5cm