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FuzzYard Life Corduroy Fanny Pack Slate Gray
FuzzYard Life Corduroy Fanny Pack Slate Gray
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FuzzYard Life Corduroy Fanny Pack Slate Gray


These FuzzYard Life Corduroy Texture Crossbody Bags are the perfect combination of goodie bag and designer bag. This considered minimalist design is available in the entire FuzzYard Life color palette.

With ample space for all your items, a removable treat pocket, and a built-in poop bag dispenser, you'll have everything you need when out and about with your pet.

Zipper and Velcro closures ensure all your items are securely contained, and the stylish woven jacquard strap is adjustable to allow you to achieve the perfect fit. The custom printed silky lining finishes the bag with the finesse and detail we put into all of our FuzzYard Life products.

Features :

  • Designed in Australia
  • Available in 5 colors
  • Corduroy cloth
  • Dispenser and poop bag
  • Removable treat pocket with lining for easy cleaning
  • Zipper pocket for personal items
  • Adjustable jacquard woven strap
  • Silicone poop bag dispenser hole
  • FuzzYard Life Printed Liner